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PPI Meeting 1 - 3 Dec 2010 in Coburg

Rolf Sander, Christian Burger, Alexandra Stolle, Alexandra from BSZ Coburg
Gisela Bohlin & Maria Hassel from GTG Göteborg
Tamara Van Herrewege (& Jean-Marie Mus) from VCG Gent
Anja Van Acker, Pol Ostyn & Philip Demuynck from VTI Waregem

Preliminary Meeting Agenda
Tuesday 30.11.2010
Meet&Greet, visit of the “Coburger Weihnachtsmarkt” (Christmas fair)

Wednesday 01.12.2010

* Morning: meeting at Berufliches Schulzentrum I
8:00 Departure from the hotel Landhaus Fink
8:30 1) Report & evaluation of the meeting in Göteborg
2) the i2i website: the finishing touch:
Summary of the activities of the last 6 months
o M1: 24 tools – M2: 9 tools / 6 links – M3: …
o Synchronised doc & file names etc
Are there any more tools to be added/revised?
o Preparation of trainees: technical glossaries, assertiveness training
o Training of supervisors: cultural differences
o Pop-up i2i general evaluation form on the website (Gisela)
Still to do: adapt tool names in downloadable Manual 2 in German, Manual 3; more docs about Italy & Netherlands
Any more feedback from filled in i2i general evaluation forms?
BIG QUESTION: who will read M1, M2 , M3 as final editor (propose to correct some mistakes, skip redundant information, simplify parts of the text)?
3) the PPI website: https://sites.google.com/site/partnersprointernship/home
Any things to add: quality of projects, info about partner companies, help for writing LdV applications…
4) What about dissemination & evaluation? Dissemination plan
5) Model internship projects
o Do we all send trainees to each other’s countries?
o How do you report about / describe examples of good practice?
o Use Critical Success Factors Questionnaire?
12:15? Lunch at …
13:15 - 16:00?
* Afternoon: visit of the Meisterschule Ebern (master school)
(main focus on training workshop (Lehrwerkstatt) and working educational theory (BAP)

17:00? Pick up at hotel for…

Thursday 02.12.2010

* Morning: meeting at Berufliches Schulzentrum I)
8:00 Departure from the hotel Landhaus Fink
8:30 6) The internship supervisors training course
Report of try-out meeting Gent & presentation of available materials
What can be changed / added?
7) The School-company network
Every partner reports about present state of affairs – best way of organizing this

External guests: representatives of Chamber of Crafts (HWK) and Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK), training supervisor of the company, visited in afternoon

- Introduction PPI and i2i
- Introduction of all participants
- Topics to discuss
o The i2i website: how can it be improved? (tool: i2i general evaluation form)
o The internship supervisors training course: what is the most important thing to teach internship supervisors of foreign trainees?
o Internship projects: what is most important on the Critical Success Factors Questionnaire?
o A good school-company network: what is the best way of organizing this?

Afternoon: visit of company in Coburg - main focus on electric training workshop (Lehrwerkstatt)

17:30? Pick up at hotel?
19:00? Dinner?

Friday 03.12.2010

* Morning: meeting at Berufliches Schulzentrum I)
8:00 Departure from the hotel Landhaus Fink
8:30 The future: any new project applications? Continuation of the consortium? Follow-up?
Planning next meeting in Gent
Planning of activities in the next 6 months (national conferences?)
12:15? Lunch